About Us

Shouldn’t enjoying a great cup of coffee be an easy thing to find?  As two avid coffee drinkers in college, we found the answer to be a resounding “no”! Whether it was the subpar coffee, or more importantly, the confusing nuances and attitudes most coffee shops provided, we weren’t satisfied.  Abstract Coffee was a collaborative effort to bring the specialty coffee industry back to coffee’s roots: quality and simplicity.

The “specialty” coffee industry has narrowly focused all of its efforts on finding the most exotic coffees and marketing them as the barometer of what great coffee should be.  Therefore, the average coffee consumer who would like a simple non-exotic coffee is largely left out of this search for the ultimate coffee bean.  Abstract Coffee has spent the past 5+ years working with our local farmers to uniquely develop coffee that is unparalleled in the industry.  We have perfected the balance between a flavorful and clean cup that is, undoubtedly, easy for one's pallet to enjoy.

Our team has spent countless hours sourcing our coffee and, in turn, has established unique relationships with farmers throughout South America.  While we specialize in importing and sourcing green coffee, Abstract Coffee is able to offer so much more.  Our services range from simply providing green coffee for your roasting business to creating a unique blend solely for your restaurant. We would love to hear from you and to see how we can meet all of your coffee needs!

Feel free to reach us directly:

  • questions@abstractcoffee.com